About Us

Bruce Sutherland (1916-2015) loved creating devices to provide solutions to problems that caught his interest. As a partner in a rural vet practice he became fascinated by bovine dystocia (calving problems). Bruce devised a rudimentary device to assist in the birthing process which proved time after time to be of benefit to both the birthing mother and calf. No-one else could replicate this and it was only after he finally retired in his 80s that he and his family started exploring the possibility of bringing this device to market.

Sutherland Partners Limited was formed in 2013 and in partnership with Destiny Enterprise Solutions a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) smart grant was obtained to fund the proof of concept. This 12 months project developed a bench prototype using durable microkinetic materials and an inflation/release mechanism with field trials carried out at Edinburgh University.

SPL continues to work in cooperation with Edinburgh University and hopes to bring this long awaited innovation to the marketplace soon.